Welcome To SS Rabbitry

   SS Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Cedar Lake, Indiana.  Yup, we're Hoosiers!  It is owned by Diane Sandberg & Beverly Bates and has been in continuous operation raising Minirex since 1984 or, as Bev likes to say, "since dirt was young"!

   Diane & Bev are old but far from dead!  Diane was instrumental in the development of the Lilac and Chocolate Minirex, and Bev had a dab hand in the tricolors being passed.  They are still remembered from their younger, traveling days as "The Midwest Marauders!"

   Bev was the one who started the much anticipated and highly fun "Turkey Award".  She gave the very first one to Linda Thompson for entering a buck in a doe class.  "There was a trophy vendor at that very first nationals with a tiny little turkey trophy and I just could NOT stop myself!  I begged until he let me buy it!  Then I waited until they gave out the awards and just added it to the fun!" she says.

   You might think them an odd couple, but they suit each other just fine.  Friends for over thirty years, they compliment each other....Diane is the quiet, intense one and Bev is the outgoing one with the gift of gab from her Irish ancestors.  Diane can tell you any rabbit just from a past ear number and is the expert breeder who doesn't even have to refer to the records when matching a pair of rabbits up, Bev calls her the walking pedigree program; and Bev does the phone, e-mail, and sales for the pair.

   We raise Minirex in Blue, REW, Otter (all 4 colors), Sablepoint, Tort, Chocolate, Lilacs and the Brokens of them all.   

    Have fun looking at our website.  It is under constant revision, so keep coming back to see what's new!